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Hey, I'm Amina. I'm a real estate agent here in Ottawa, Ontario. 

I help millennials buy their first homes by arming them with the tools and guidance they need for a stress-free home buying experience.

Okay, let's get real:

Home ownership is for EVERYONE.

Yes, I truly believe this. No, your first house may not be that 5 bed, 4 bath single detached home in Westboro that you have been eyeing. But, you can own real estate! Working with a realtor that can lay out a plan for you to owning property is key. 

Looking for a no BS agent? I'm your gal. 

There's nothing I loathe more than greasy salespeople...and that's coming from a legit salesperson. I'm here to be open and transparent with all of you because seriously, who has time for anything else!

Knowledge is power!

One of my main goals is to de-mystify real estate. To do that, I'm going to be educating and sharing information that I think everyone that is buying or selling should know. 

Let's Find You A Home!

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